Foldable Snack Cup


Babies and toddlers can make QUITE the mess during snack time, actually, ANYTIME!

Our Trippin Along’ Foldable Snack Cups are the ideal snack time accessory. 

Not only are they cute, they come with a removable strap so your little one can remain mobile. 

Most importantly they are foldable which allows you to save space and easily store in diaper bags,purses, and stroller compartments.

Our petal- like snack cup design enables your child to eat small biscuits, fruits, and other solid foods WITHOUT the mess! Our design prevents snacks from falling out when turned upside down.

Trippin’ Along Foldable Snack Cup includes a 2-in-1 feature. It can convert into a sippy cup! Your little one can enjoy milk, rice cereal, and other fluids via our large diameter straw.

Dust cover is also provided to protect snacks from contamination and easy storage for parents trippin’ through parenthood in style and convenience.

Why you should buy our Trippin’ Along Foldable Snack Cups:

  • Quality & Safety Insurance: FDA Certified, BPA Free
  • Innovative Design: Petal feature to prevent spilling and converts into a sippy cup! Also allows your child to play and munch on some snacks with adjustable straps for easy portability.
  • Saves space  and easy to store with foldable factor and dust cover to prevent snack contamination.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

  • Material: Food grade silicone, FDA certified BPA free.

    Capacity: 450 mL

    Colours: Clay, Watermelon, Blush, Cyan, and Lavender

    Disclaimers/ Caution:

    1. Boil with hot water before first use.
    2. Can be sterilized by boiling water and microwave, but not by ultraviolet light.
    3. Clean product when not in use and store in a dry place without direct sunlight.
    4. Do not use acid- base detergents to clean. May cause product damage.
    5. Keep away from sharp objects to prevent damage and replace if they get punctured.
    6. Keep away from high temperature fire sources.
    7. Removable strap can pose a choking hazard. Watch your child during use of the snack cup when the strap is attached. Risk of strangulation. DO NOT leave your child unattended.