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The foldable snack cups have been an absolute lifesaver. We have them in all the different colours. So convenient!


Love our foldable snack up to have favourite treats and drinks on the go 😍


Making a more conscious effort to support small businesses and I am so glad with my decision to order from you guys. Love your products, from look to quality. Perfection.


We are working on using cutlery and he's finally getting the hang of it! Cutlery set is from Trippin' Along Boutique! I find it's so much easier for him to control & hold!


Not only are these great for adults. Even babies can enjoy them in their food pacifier from Trippin' Along Boutique. Pop a piece in and let them enjoy along with you 😍. Great for expecting mothers 🤰 helps cut craving and stay hydrated!



Our Trippin Along’ items are the ideal snack time accessory. 

Hands off parents! With baby led weaning, your little one is in charge now! Baby led weaning is a great opportunity for your child to learn how to eat independently. 

Only $18.99

Babies and toddlers can make QUITE the mess during snack time, actually, ANYTIME!

Our Trippin Along’ Foldable Snack Cups are the ideal snack time accessory. 



Introducing new solids and flavours to your baby has never been easier!

The Trippin’ Along Food Pacifier allows your baby to experience new foods as early as 4 months old without the risk of choking.


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